Monday, August 08, 2005

What is Islam, According to You?

This is not a professional study, but a composition of the most common range of opinions on the religion of Islam that I have heard through talking to a variety of people. Comments greatly appreciated...

1) An alternate form of monotheism for the world (starting in the Arabian Peninsula) to exist alongside other forms (an Arab Torah)

2) The benevolent, continued (and final) revelation of monotheism for the world sent by G-d for the purpose of putting people back on the right path (the Torah = the Q'uran)

3) A malevolent (monotheistic) force struggling to replace another monotheistic religion, driven by theological conviction

4) A malevolent (monotheistic) force struggling to replace another monotheistic religion, driven by political conviction

5) A positive spiritual path of life emphasizing ethics and truth, universally true and unrelated to context, time, and place, yet necessarily existing within it in order to affect humanity's positive growth
G-d is Consciousness

G-d is consciousness.

He is not a consciousness that exists solely within the human mind, allowing it to tell the difference between right and wrong.

For if that consciousness only existed within the human mind and not externally, then even the notions of right and wrong would be subjective manifestations of the mind.

Buddhism’s philosophy attests to this assumption when it states that consciousness itself is an illusion of existence, and if consciousness is an illusion, then any form of consciousness is an illusion, be it right, wrong, good, evil, or truth.

Indeed, Buddhism’s philosophy states that right, wrong, and truth are subjective realities, perceived through the prism of human awareness, which give the human being the false sense of his own existence.

It is Nirvana that frees the individual from the falsehood of his perceived existence.

Therefore, any notion of truth is only connected to an external consciousness, and any purpose emanating forth into the human sphere is rooted in the truth connected to this external consciousness.

This external consciousness is G-d, and He is therefore real.