Sunday, January 21, 2007

The (Ir)Rational Response Squad - Opiate of the Asses -

Come on, with a name like that, you'd be irrational to think that nobody would have played on this earlier.

The (Ir)Rational Response Squad is a group that got its start on Youtube, and its focus is to have people "deny the Holy Spirit," which according to Christian belief, lands you in Hell. The point of this denial is to a) affirm the atheism of the testifier, and probably to interject themselves onto their fancified understanding of what Galileo and other "famous rejectors" have turned into by way of contemporary biases, and b) to show their belief that Christianity is false and that they have no fear of going to Hell.

A few criticisms by way of a rational believing monotheist Jew, if I may. a) I am not above saying that the majority of the people who "testify" in their denial of the Holy Spirit probably have not taken the time out of their busy lives to sit and ponder about just what exactly it means to believe in G-d. As it were, their philosophy on theism, to use the Rational Response Squad's key word, is probably painfully underdeveloped at least and embarrassingly humorous at worst. b) There is a certain contemporary pop-culture chicness associated with atheism, but like other philosofads that pop up and down like plastic beavers at miniature golf course, those ideas bubble loudly and neutralize softly. It reminds me of when I used to cook spaghetti in my pot on the oven; when the heat was turned on, the water would violently bubble and threaten to boil over the top, but when I would turn off the heat, the water would almost immediately lose its resolve and return to calmness. "Pathetic display of power," I thought, for such a loud noise. Perhaps those rebellious youth and well-seasoned anti-conformity elders have not taken into account that this particular wave in which they are surfing, which is more like a groove in the water, makes usage of the same mind-control for which they bash religion. Who says that the chemical, disaffectionately coined by (the Jew) Marx as "the opiate of the masses," inside the body does not work on atheists and those irresolute? Are they above biology and social human psychology? Does their pituitary gland cease to function when they cease believing in the existence of a Creator? The opiate is too of the asses. From what I've seen by speaking with several atheists, some have good thought-out questions, but more often than not, many of them simply suffer from an inability to make lasting moral demands of themselves, demands that would require an unchanging commitment were their peers and general society to shift directions. "Atheism" is and has been for a while now a philosophically-charged word for "confusion" and/or "agnosticism" and also perhaps "moral relativism," including the silver-haired intellectual elite on top of their mountain of colorful books. Go, go! Your disciples of mice are calling for you, you fat hungry cats. You will eat seven fat mice and still be skinny.