Monday, January 22, 2007

Tragedy in Palestinian Society -

* (This was a response to a ridiculous blog that was sent to me about a man's trip to the West Bank. I will post it here with his permission, but for the meanwhile, here's my response.)

This is a great video about this topic, and it's full of great Middle Eastern music too, very dramatic.

Let me think about what I wanted to say. Oh yes, how much could have the Arab countries in the Middle East done for the Palestinians to help remedy their undeniably "not fun" living conditions? Much. Rather than do that, however, they have chosen the path of "least resistance," which to the Palestinians translates as the path OF resistance. In other words, we have a case of tragic and inhuman neglect, and not to mention mistreatment, that is true, but Arab governments are guilty of this sin and crime by omission. Silence is agreement, I am sure you are familiar with this philosophy. Not only are the Arab governments and civilian societies SILENT towards what is happening to the Palestinians, they have an active part in egging it on through countless propaganda campaigns. Why, you ask? Because the Palestinians are fighting the battle of the Arabs for them. In a Middle East that is mostly Arab, the what we call "primitive" tribal desire to smite Israel, very unprogressive indeed, is a culturally accepted value. We Westerners don't understand that until we've been there; did you by chance catch a glimpse or two of that phenomenon while you were on your vacation in Palestine-land? This is how it works: Arab governments who have not yet fully accepted Israel, full of terrorist groups, send financial and emotional support to Palestinian groups jihading against Israel. The Palestinians then, less out of desperation and more out of sheer (perverted) ideology, carry out atrocities towards Jewish civilians, which they justify through, again, perverted Muslim religious ideals. One can even make the case that they are being honest to the intent of the verses they use, but that is another topic. In other words, the Palestinians serve as a weapon against Israel, yes, a group of people, an entire society created to fight off the existence of another society, with their own lives, by destroying other peoples' lives. Were Palestinian society actually to become affluent, the entire impetus to carry out their ideological Crusading campaign would become fruitless; like Bob Marley says in "Slave Driver," Them belly full but we hungry, a hungry man is an angry man." The Palestinians have been kept hungry for a specific reason, politics, and who have kept them hungry? Other Arab socieites. By far, Israel has done for to appease and satisfy them, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, than any other government in the world. The Arab idea of "helping" them is giving them the ability to fight Israel more; I have been told this by a few Arabs in my days. The UNRWA also pumps money into Palestinian society, and again, it goes towards nothing good. Palestinians have also confessed to me that they know that the Arabs don't care about them - this entire frantic homicidal religious campaign was engineered from 1964 onwards - the Palestinians, sadly, were a composite society made up of pieces of the Lebanese, Egyptian, and primarily Jordanian Palestinian society with the intent of imposing on Israel the pre-1948 status quo.