Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Keep it Clean...

Behind the external sounds flying into my head
Is a screen
Which separates the sounds from the silence
And in my head I hear only silence
No voices except mine own
I am exempt
My voice comes out of my mouth, but it is distant and external and removed
And when I silence my own voice
I hear G-d's voice
I want that my mind be white like the cloth of a Shabbat table
And the types of dirt that I have placed on it
May they be like crumbs
And may G-d lean down and gently blow them right off the surface
And the wine that has spilled on it now and then
May G-d wipe it with His bleach and remove the stains
Then may my head be clean, and then my eyes too
And may they turn away from unclean images
It is what you put in that is what you get out
Get the most out of life
Pure in, pure out
And then the whole world will be pure
May my colored eyes turn to the Transparent Source
Whom has no color and whose teachings have no color
And then the color of the skin is of no matter
He Who is like water
Sees clear water come out of our colored skin
Pure and clear and transparent and translucent
Watering the whole world, like His flowers
May we soak it up
Water and light and air
The photosynthesis of the soul
Solely makes one with no holes, but whole