Monday, January 29, 2007

Three Human Beings and One Suicide Bomber in Eilat Dead -

So I have an idea of how to settle this. What do you with a population in which there is a population who has turned death into victory and the rest of the population treats their death as victory as well? The answer is this; the murderers will never stop until they have a reason to stop, and they won't have a reason to stop until Palestinian society has a vested interest in stopping. Since the dead are seen as victors, it is the living that must feel the pressure and perhaps then they will put pressure on the terrorists to stop, because nothing else seems to work. So the idea is like this; for every suicide bomber, a few innocent families are expelled from either the home town of the bomber or somewhere where there is known terrorist activity. However, from a practical perspective it is probably impossible to expel only a few families (remember the Gaza Pullout - it would have been impossible there too to pull out only a few families), so a whole village or town would have to be expelled, and again, it's not impossible if we remember how it was done with the Jews in Gaza. The murderers target innocent Israeli civilian populations, so Israel has to target innocent civilian Palestinian populations; the key is that innocent Palestinians having absolutely nothing to do with terrorism feel the pressure, and then they will begin to agitate against the terrorists. This is what happened in Lebanon when Israel started bombing them; the innocents started resisting against Hezball-ah, and they stopped bombing Israel.

We dare not commit the double standard of saying that Palestinian lives are more valuable than Israeli lives; it is not right for one to do whatever it wants to the other while the other cannot defend itself. שלום Peace