Sunday, July 30, 2006

Somebody sent me this; it's a demonstration being held in California, not sure what city. Either way, it's the context of the e-mail that counts.

The 14th Of March Coalition will be holding a demonstration at the
Federal Building on Wilshire Blvd.
The Demonstration will take place This Sunday July 30th, from
2:00 P.M. till 5:00 P.M.
You are not allowed to hold any flags other than the Lebanese and The American Flag.
You are not allowed to wear any Lebanese Party Apparel.

The Goal behind our Demonstration is to show that Not all lebanese people support Hizbullah, but

Our Demands will be clear through the Flyers/slogans we'll be distributing/holding on the spot. Those Demands are:

1. Impliment UN Resolution 1559

2. Stop Killing Civilians on both sides

3. Send the Lebanese Troops to the Israeli/Lebanese borders and remove Hizzbuallah.

G-d Always Chose the Younger Son/Sons

G-d always chooses the younger son/sons. G-d chose Abraham, Nachor's younger brother, and he gave birth to both Isaac and Ishmael. Muslims consider the tradition of the Torah to have been falsified by Jews, primarily the Torah's text that Isaac was chosen to inherit Abraham's legacy instead of Ishmael, the reason being that Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael. However, the Muslims argument is laid to rest here because had Abraham, the second born son, not been chosen by G-d to be the inheritor of G-d's legacy on Earth, Ishmael would have not been born and Islam would not have come into existence. This is where Muslims pick and choose their arguments; they cannot say that the first born son is always chosen AND that Abraham was chosen, because he was the second born. However, just to drive home the point, I will continue.

Abraham's second born son, Isaac, was chosen by G-d in the same manner in which Abraham was. G-d chose Jacob as well, younger brother to Esav. Jacob married both Rachel and Leah, Rachel who was the younger daughter. Lavan, her father, declared that it was
against the custom of the land to marry the younger first, but it was through Rachel, the younger daughter, through which Joseph was born. Through Rachel, Bilhah, Leah, and Zilpah, the twelve tribes of Jacob/Israel were born, and it was Joseph, who was definately not the oldest son, through his special status with G-d, whom led Israel into Egypt. Joseph was the son of Lavan's younger daughter. Benjamin, Rachel's younger son (Joseph's younger brother), the youngest child out of all the thirteen descendants (Dinah), was the ancestor of King Saul, the first king of Israel. Levi, one of Jacob's sons, was the ancestor of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses, but it was Moses, the younger out of the three, whom through his special relationship with G-d led the Children of Israel out of Egypt and to receive the Torah at Mt. Sinai. King David, the second and greatest king of Israel, came from the tribe of Judah, and David was the youngest of three sons.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Rachel, Joseph, Benjamin, Levi, Moses, King Saul, and King David, all pivotal and extremely significant historical characters in the monotheistic legacy of Abraham, i.e., "very important Jews," are also labeled "Muslims" by Muslim tradition, as all of the Patriarchs, Matriarchs, and Prophets in the Tanakh. Muslims are free to call these people whatever they want, but it would be historically anachronistic by some 3,000 years and less to say that they were Muslims, not to mention that there is no evidence of any sort of "proto-Muslim" religion's existence; Arabic wasn't even around until much later. Does this mean that the first Muslims spoke Hebrew? Why wasn't the Q'uran revealed in Hebrew then? In fact, that which Muslims express as the prototype form of Islam, i.e., true submission, was actually "Israelite religion," the precursor to Judaism, not to Islam. It is today's religious kippah (men) and long skirt-wearing (women) who live closer to the tradition of the Israelites than does anybody on this earth, primarily because they keep the commandments. If Islam claims to the descendant religion to this prototype religion of G-d, why don't they keep and/or recognize all the commandments of the Torah in the way that Jews do? In fact, Islam presents a break from tradition, a distancing from the calls of the Torah. It is the Jews who are closer to the truth.

And living before Abraham was Noah whom had three sons; Shem, Ham, and Yafet-- Shem was "the chosen son" in that he gave birth to Abraham's line. Where was he in the birth chronology? Going even further back we realize that Adam and Eve had two sons originally; Cain and Abel, and G-d favored Abel, the younger son.

According to Islam then, here is a list of the people that the Jewish text, the Jews, have cheated by meddling with the "original text" of the Torah, also a non-existent imaginary text meant to justify Islam.

Cain (Abel's older brother)
Nachor (Abraham's older brother)
Ishmael (Isaac's older brother)
Esav (Jacob's older brother)
Leah (Rachel's older sister)
Reuven, Shimon, Gad, Dan, Naftali, Issachar, Zvulun, Yehudah, and Asher (Yosef's and Benyamin's older brothers)
Aaron and Miriam (Moses' older brothers)
King David's older brothers

Going by the logic that the Jews changed "the original text" of the Torah to cheat the aforementioned Matriachs and Patriarchs out of their proper place in the tradition of Abraham, we should expect to find "the original text" one of these days containing the tradition in which the "correct" ancestral lines of the aforementioned Patriarchs and Matriarchs is contained. In this text, Nachor is the father of a multitude of nations and his first born son comes in place of Isaac, and his first born son is in place of Esav. It is a moot point to go on because Nachor's being chosen by G-d would unseat both Judaism and Islam as religions today; we would not exist. Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, and Esav would still be alive today, but we, their descendants, would be reading this post while a descendant of Nachor was writing about the One True G-d. For some reason, G-d also chose the younger son or daughter.

However, if we were to find a text like this it would be nonsenical. Nachor would have had a son but Ishmael, his brothers first born, would have inherited. Nachor's son would have had a son, but his brother's grandchild (Esav) would have inherited. The permutations are countless, and irrational too; all along the way a random person from another family would have inherited the tradition. This is in essence what Islam is alluding to, that is, if they were to stay consistent with their logic.

The truth is that Muslims agree with SOME of the text of the Torah but disagree with other parts. By what logical basis do they disagree with some parts and agree with others? Easy, necessity; Muslim religious tradition confirms the Torah text that justifies Islam, or might as well be true without harming foundational Muslim beliefs, but discards as "corrupted" information negating the claims that established Islam. Islam was born out of competition and has not yet understood that it is a sister religion to Judaism and that it does not need to spread its bounty everywhere in order for the truth of G-d to be revealed. Muslim teachings say that there were people before the advent of the religion of Islam that were true monotheists; why can't those people stay true monotheists today? Why do they need to convert or submit to Islam? Weren't Jews in that category? Islam has not learned how to love its neighbors yet, let alone get along with them.