Monday, February 20, 2006

It was as a closed door
I understand how sinning can destroy buildings
Buildings fell, I do not recall with joy
The words barely came to me, they did not flow
The rivers were damned up
Vision is dark when the light has dimmed
And words written on walls are hard to see
That is the nature of darkness
As one walks farther from the light
He must squeeze harder for inspiration
Like a resistant orange that refuses to yield juice
He who sins squashes the fruit of produce
He must struggle just to understand
He has to get his proper footing
He recalls the past and longs for the future
When he once understood, now he does not
He needs to be pushed in the right direction
His words are like that of a child
Anger kills, it smashes and fades things
It strips away life - it is let out of a jar
Like a snake, and it wiles its way into things
It shuts one's eyes, and he cannot see what he writes
Like soil with a covering, G-d keeps out harmful rays
Anger comes like a rushing wave
Washing away the topsoil, and the ground is left to burn and parch
Like leather without wax
It cracks and breaks
Just like one who has been bitten by the snake of his anger
He channels it wrongly
G-d will, G-d willing, hear his words and act