Friday, June 02, 2006

Don't Legalize Child Porn

Some rightwing neo-cons like to bang the war drums about what's going wrong with this society and the neo-libs are upset because that's their job! Anyway, now that the dust of 9/11 has been largely cleared from the atmosphere for a few years now (in my estimate), and lefties and righties have stopped punching each other in the faces (for the most part), we can begin to get a more cool and articulate view on things minus the anger over the events directly following 9/11.

In case you're not paying attention, sexual immorality in this country, and in many parts of the world, is rising, and this aint no neo-con warning system. Just type in some obscenity on a Google search and I'll rest my case. You all probably know what I'm talking about; the sexual paganism coming out of Japan is a hidden poison, damaging peoples' brainwaves and souls, not to mention the people involved, all in the anonymity of their homes. As if the porn business isn't unhealthy enough, now we have this ever more disgusting type of porn; is it mainstream yet? Who would admit it?

It's a bit of a fallacy to say that society is getting worst all the time, although there are many signs of it, because human societies have been doing horrible things since we've been humans. However, each generation faces challenges that put its soul at stake, and the generation must act properly in the face of this challenge or it will become corrupted and disfigured.

This is where the war drum banging comes in. In our free American society, freedom means that a person has the right to do something just because "it's his identity." A few years ago, when homosexuality was becoming more and more accepted in the popular media, a segway to garnering approval in the legislative realm and finally as a civil right, neo-cons were crying that it was a slippery slope and that it would lead to other kinds of sexual immorality to develop in society.

Of course, the neo-libs didn't pay attention because they do not believe that homosexuality is sexual immorality. No, it's an "identity," they argued, it was cool because it showed non-conformity and free thinking, and people have the right to do what they want in this country, such as the right not to get profiled on the basis of their Arab ethnicity in a time when Arabs want to attack America. It was also argued to be genetic, a nuanced version of the apparent genetic identity of Jews, blacks, and several Native American "races," how superbly Nazi.

Nevermind that, not much later, about one year after the neo-cons made the argument that institutionalized homosexuality would act as a "gateway" for other kinds of sexual immoralities to be institutionalized, I saw a woman on TV declaring her rights to have sexual relations with her sons friend; both of them were fifteen years old. How can we say "no" to that? This is a free country and people have the right to engage in any kind of sexual relations as long as it is consensual, and please show me one fifteen year old boy that does not want to have sex with his friend's hot mom. Consensual indeed.

So child porn is the next slippery slope down (or is it?), and there are countless industries all over the world dealing with "the product," which are young boys and girls. Consensual? Enough brainwashing and you can get a child to blow himself up in a crowded cafe, do I need to finish the thought for you? Evil exists, it is easy to do, there are many people willing and not hesitant to commit it, and we, as a society, are pushing the envelope further and further by, where have we heard this before, staying silent? We are allowing them to do it, we are giving them the green light. This is a sexual holocaust, and it's occuring behind the scenes and in front of the screens.

Something is not right just because it's "your cup of tea." Let's realize the root of the problem before we go "picking on" homosexuals, transexuals, transgendered, pedophiles, and eventually those who are attracted to fauna. There is enough heterosexual immorality to go around (adultery, prostitution, violence, starting young, you name it): how can we not expect sexual morality to spread to other spheres of society? Push the envelopes of what is acceptable and be SURE that the unacceptable will spread like mold in a bowl of fruit. Mold is very hard to remove; you have to cut a piece of the fruit off or throw the entire thing away. Sure, every society has its bad fruit, but people are not fruit and we can push our society in the right direction, person by person.

A link to my friend's blog about the same topic. He has more evidence from the news than I do.