Monday, April 17, 2006

Kalbin Chatzifin (brazen dogs)

Brazen dogs surround Your Jerusalem;
nothing I do scares them away

No shouts, no stones, no bullets;
I can wave my arms forever

I can wave the flag forever too, but to no avail
I have given them from what is mine too long

hey have learned not to be scared of me

They have learned not to respect me

How can I respect myself after doing this?
They are like bears that visit my campsite

And now that I have fed the bears, they will not leave

They hop like crows with bloody twigs in their beaks

Which they use to make their nests around the ruins of Your Jerusalem

The chicks are born in white eggs, but their feathers become reddened with age

So dark red it looks black

“They have learned not to be scared of Me.”

“They have learned not to respect Me.”

What can I do now?

The morning has come, I must davin Shacharit
Let me prepare a meal for You so that I can eat in Your House
You are alw
ays right