Sunday, October 01, 2006

we feel closer to Muslims,
true, who turn around and "prefer" Christians
let me be confrontational here and suggest that
Muhammad had no right pushing that
he was our prophet on us;
we don't follow people who tell us to follow them
Christianity kicked us around just like Islam did
when we rejected Muhammad

Muslims wanna rule the world,
we just wanna rule our lives,
so let the Muslims let us live in our
stupid little ghetto, Israel,
which we call home,
let us suffer the iniquities of our secularism on our own
let us sit down, recover, and cope
from 2,000 yearsof Christian hope

on our own
let us breath and reason with G-d alone
or like you inhumanelybut legally
occupy our Jerusalem
do youalso occupy our souls?
let them be the fastest growing religion in the world
somewhere else
Oh! Hashem!
send Mashiach,
let him come and
scatter Your foes!