Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Poem

Unscathed truth is propaganda to the fearful
If reality is an illusion, then murder is an inevitable conclusion
Spilling blood is only evil when it's on your own hands
But you didn't lift a finger when the people were screaming
Corrupted righteous are evil, but you're guilty by association
You make fun of the wise while you bask in stagnation
You say what I am, but you are what you say
Don't pretend to be enlightened when you lick people's bodies
I will invest like the ant and inherit my future
The scholars document at what point we began believing
Hypothesize about the belief of millions to liberate themselves from their bondage
Biology is true when it backs your beliefs
But when you disagree, we see your fangs of intolerance
You fulfil your prophecy that humans are animals
Peace was on our minds, but blood is on yours
All we want is freedom from religion
Exodus from the Oasis, take us back to Egypt
Some won't say and some won't do
No such thing as a bad Jew!
Muslim Assyria

Rejection by Muslims of the State of Israel is not reserved only for religious Muslims, for a peoples’ religion makes up the identity and culture of those peoples even after they have secularized. The Palestinians are largely a secular Muslim people, yet they utilize the worst form of religious conviction when trying to destroy the Jewish state, a secular political attitude of conquest informed by the original modus operandi of Islam, to bring lands under Muslim rule. Many religious Muslims declare that those Muslims are acting in violation of Islam, and that religious fundamentalists are driving them, but in the end, they also believe that the land should be under Muslim rule. Ultimately, they believe, there cannot be peace there until Islam rules. What you get is a combination of political Islam taking the form of Palestinian nationalism, which for the Palestinians is entirely political in nature, but for religious Muslims is religious in nature. It just so happens to be that Israeli nationalism and Palestinian nationalism coincide in the same exact place, with the borders of the Land of Israel coming to a distinct stop (as delineated in the Torah), while the borders of the lands conquered by Muslims encompass the Land of Israel and more. The most fundamentalist Muslim (not nearly all of them, I think) believes that all countries should be brought under Islam. In contrast, even the "Jewish fundamentalist" believes that only Israel is to be under Jewish rule.

In short, Israel is not allowed to exist because it lies in Muslim lands, but Muslim countries are allowed to exist because they lie outside of Israel. “Palestine,” however, is problematic to Israel because it takes on the appearance of a Muslim country that is simply to exist within the borders of Israel, but fits into the larger pattern of the reconquista of Muslim lands, that Israel lies within the borders of Islam. The Jews are astutely aware that this is occurring, and anybody with a grasp on history should be aware of this as well. Regardless of the imperfect analogy, the empire of Islam is like a monotheistic Assyria or Babylon.

*** The Big Question***

Is there a precedent to make a case in adherence with Muslim religion, tradition, and belief, that allows for a Jewish state?