Wednesday, May 24, 2006


If we have learned one thing from history it is that Jews can live as minorities in Muslim populations but that Muslims may not live as minorities in Jewish populations. We can tell this by looking at the many Jewish minorities that have lived (and some still do) in Muslim Arab countries. This explains the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict" quite well, Palestinians, who are Arab Muslims, can simply not come to grips with living under Israeli, which is Jewish, rule. Granted, Israel is partially to blame for this due to its mistake in dealing with the Palestinians during the Six Day War of 1967; instead of granting that population limited autonomy after winning that war of promised destruction, it should have removed the Palestinian population from Israeli territory in one swift gesture. Afterall, Jordan did this in 1979 and today we don't see Palestinian suicide bombings and attacks on Jordanian civilians on Jordanain soil; the Jordanians acted with fortitude and saved themselves (and the Palestinians) many lives. Before this, Yasser Arafat was acting out of Jordan, which he treated as a base by which to attack Israel, and eventually the Jordanian government ordered the slaughter of some 10,000 Palestinians, whom made up 60% of the population of Jordan. King Hussein knew that Arafat was attempting to turn Jordan into a Palestinian state, although rights and "homeland" had nothing to do with it, just sheer desires for power and control. In Israel, although it is disguised under a desire for national independence from Israel, it does not take a genius to understand that the ultimate goal of "Palestinian independence" is actually Palestinian dominance, and many an Israeli official understand this, although there are many in the liberal camps that do not.

When people bring up that life for Jews as non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries meant lack of civil rights, proponents of the politics of Islam insist that even though life for Jews under Islam was not perfect, it was nowhere near the horrors of life for Jews under Christian Europe. True, perhaps, but nevertheless, life for Palestinians (Muslims) in Israel (Jewish) is far better than life for Jews under Islam. The Palestinian attempts to destroy Israel by way of political manipulation, corruption, and suicide bombings is to blame for the unhappines that ensues there. If we imagine that Jews under Islam murdered Muslims while living in those countries as minorities, we know that the "rebellion" would not last more than one day. The truth is that the Muslim government would likely have ordered the permanent exile or full-scale slaughter of Jews there the second it began. When we look at the way Palestinians behave in Israel, it is a wonder beyond my ability to understand that Israel shows as much restraint as it does. There is simply no sane comparison between Jewish life under Islam and Palestinian life under Israel, even though the point of Palestinian propaganda is to make life in Israel as bleak, oppressive, and morbid as possible in order to properly vent the frustration of Palestinians.