Wednesday, September 06, 2006

People all over the world commit suicide every year; let the Palestinians slit their wrists or overdose on pills or fill their cars with carbon monoxide for once, then I'll be convinced that they are committing suicide and not murdering Jews.

I have one question to ask a Muslim, and it is this.

Are we Jews, as a G-d-fearing and religious people, allowed to have dominance and sovereignty over our most holy sites (the Temple Mount), rest assuredly that Muslims will have full and protected rights of worship in the mosques there? No, we don't; our rights as believer-Jews extend to individuality; we are allowed to pray in our Temple (but not to rebuild it) and only if its under Muslim political and social control. We are allowed to be free but not to be a sovereign nation. In short, we are allowed to be dhimmi's, even in the 21st Century, and that's why there is suicide bombing, because this is what happens to dhimimi's who act up to the degree that we have and what happens when Arab see other Arabs as expendable throw aways in the war against the Jews; all you need to do is convince them that they are fighting for A-llah and they'll embrace death. The Jews have created an entire dhimmi state - is there anything more intolerable to Muslims? "Zionist" registers as "dhimmi" in the Muslim mind frame. You might be different, but you ARE different, you're a convert and therefore wired a bit differently. Don't worry, this is a phenomenon that exists in Judaism too (and all religions). Some converts to Islam have mastered the art of thinking like Arabs nearly perfectly.