Wednesday, July 13, 2005

London's Passive Assistance

London mourns the victims, passengers whose lives wer etaken by fellow countrymen, fellow Brits. I had a feeling that certain British news stations (BBC) would find ways in explaining away the terrorist attacks in London, and unfortunately I was right. I mean, come on, since when does a person’s religious affiliation have anything to do with his ideas or behaviors, even when that religion is Islam and the world is seeing Islam’s dark undercurrent in a generation that allows it to meet with this century’s technology? British people, perhaps wounded by a distant memory of imperialism, affected by the outcome of their just decision to support the creation of the State of Israel, and years of torment from the IRA, has left British people squeamish to blood shed. We also should not forget British Christianity’s Renaissance Era Jew-resentment, which was akin to all European Christendom. Now that many British can claim that Christianity has been moved aside for the secular so-called humanism, they seek to break bonds with the anti-Semitism of those bygone days.

In fact, Britain boasts its extant pluralism, its openness to all cultures, lifestyles, and religions, focusing society on embracing the beauty that all have to offer, even if they believe that G-d doesn’t exist. Consider the “Islam Kit” just approved by the British government to use as a curriculum tool in British schools. The Islam Kit was designed to teach British students about the ins and outs of the Muslim religion so that they would feel at home with their British Muslim compatriots. This would lower the possibility of unnecessary hatred between British people, regardless of religion, unlike those racist and xenophobic Americans that stoop to racial profiling. The four Muslims that rode to their deaths on the subways of the perhaps religiously-titled “King’s Cross” subway station could not hear the British accents of the victims over the bombs that exploded.

But Britain is proud of its minority populations, the Hindu’s for example, their “jewel in the crown,” who speak British English with just a touch of their Indian accent. In a show of Britain’s multiculturalism, mainstream movie pop culture joyfully portrays the lifestyle of British Hindu’s and how well they get along with the Anglo-Saxon population, imitating the folk-style of Hindu song-and-dance, now known as “Baliwood.” They are a relic to be treasured, a testament to cultural openmindedness. Perhaps the British Muslim population was on its way to entering into that beautiful era of cooperation, if it wasn’t for the four homicide bombings that occurred just a few days ago. Nevertheless, I believe that the British news stations will find the resolve and resiliency to explain to the world the real reason behind the phenomena of the exploding Muslims in the subway station; Israel’s continuing oppression of the Palestinian people, America’s support of Israel, and its aggression in Iraq.

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