Friday, July 22, 2005

No Palestinian State without Muslim Reform!

Firstly, what do I mean by Muslim reform? By Muslim reform I mean the internal changes that have to happen inside of the religion of Islam before it can find acceptance or tolerance of other religions. If Muslim reform is possible, will be revealed to us at some point in time.

So the talk of the day is a Palestinian state, a place for the Palestinians to call home where they can be independent and sovereign, a Palestinian Israel, which will be very fitting if the Palestinian Israel will be in Israel.

The only problem is that Islamic terrorism is still taking place on an increasingly global scale, which strongly points to the fact that Islam is currently operating in a very destructive phase (albeit, which have several factors). How can we possibly expect a viable Palestinian state in a time where Islam has jumped off the deep end and is unable to curb the violent tendencies of its marginal few, as it is said? What is the difference between the tendencies of Islam when it comes to Moroccans, Egyptians, Pakistani’s, and Palestinians? Actually, the similarity is interesting. Just a month ago in London, English Muslims, citizens of England, carried out a series of attacks on the local English population. It was an attack from the inside by people inside for reasons having to do with something bigger, a certain type of political Muslim terrorism that has to do with bringing people to submission under Islam. This is the exact same philosophy of terror that occurs in Israel, and has been since before its inception in 1948. If a Palestinian state is created before Islam “simmers down,” just to use a politically correct term, it will function as nothing less than a base for that terrorism. What makes some people think that, "Yes, Palestinian terrorism is a problem, but it is different from the general Muslim terrorist and if you give them a state, it will stop?" News to them; if Palestinian terrorism is indeed just a form of Muslim terrorism, then a state won't make it stop. How much more international proof and inference do we need? There should be no Palestinian state.

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