Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I've already written my two sh'qalim (sheqels) on the pullout and the continued violence of the Palestinians, and for the next while, whenever I find a good article that I agree with about a certain element of the continued Palestinian violence after the pullout, I'll post it. These professional writers are exploring the issue more than I am, and are useful.

Big News Network.com Tuesday 20th September, 2005 (UPI)

Jordan's Islamists Tuesday denounced encounters between Arabs and
Israelis taking place on the sidelines of U.N. meetings in New York.

A statement by the Islamic Action Front said, The party condemns the
meetings that took place between Arab and Muslim leaders with
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Foreign Minister Sylvan
Shalom on the sidelines of the U.N. summit.

Such exercises of normalization of relations with Israel constitute
unlimited support for the racist policies adopted by Sharon, the
statement said.

Normalizing relations with the Zionist enemy is a blunt violation of
Arab principles which ban making concessions on Arab and Islamic
lands, the statement added.

Sharon and Shalom met several Arab leaders in New York including
Jordan's King Abdullah and the foreign ministers of Qatar and

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