Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This is an article that I recieved in an e-mail. As I read through it, it struck me that every reason that the critics of the pull-out gave, every probable "set back" after its completion that they said would occur, is indeed happening. Why do we have to constantly have to demonstrate to our critics that these things are highly probable, almost inevitable? Why can't they just be content that perhaps we know what will happen because it's happened before? Maybe, just maybe, it's possible that we don't simply have hate for the Palestinians, but just that the overwhelming evidence points to their continued attacks.


Israeli military sources said Palestinian insurgents have managed to fire mortars from the Eastern and northern Gaza Strip into Israel. So far, there have not been injuries in Israel.

"The fire represents the success of Palestinians to reach the edge of the Gaza Strip," a military source said. "It will provide the terrorists with a much greater edge."

Palestinian insurgency groups have developed several models of mortars. They include those of 60 mm, 81 mm and 120 mm mortars as well as launching tubes.
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Adam said...

Does this really surprise anyone? Actually, I think it does! I think that Jews are the only ones it doesn't surprise. We have all experienced how persistent the hated of Jews is. Non-Jewish supporters of Israel, as well as some disillusioned Jews, try to deny the fact that the desire to exterminate the Jewish state is the common bond between all Palestinians. Time and again we convince ourselves that if we give more land, or loosen the military presence (which we do want to do), or tear down walls (which we should want to do, but shouldn't do), that the gruesome homicide bombings, random shooting, and mortar fire will cease. We do this because it is easier than facing the truth. I hope people around the world, especially Jews, especially left-wing Israelis will open their eyes this time and see that the Palestinians cannot understand the concept of compromise or honest negotiations. This stems from the education system which teaches that the only negotiation is boarding an Egged bus in Jerusalem, or Tel-Aviv strapped with insane amounts of explosives. To anyone reading this, I will do everything in my power to stop Israel from loosing anymore land to the lies of Palestinians and empty hopes of Israel supporters. I hope you will too.

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