Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thought(s) of the Day --

Let's roll out our big tinfoil ball and see what it says today!

Why are their religious Jews that oppose the existence of the Jewish state (Israel) and not religious Muslims that oppose the notion of the not-yet in existence Muslim state named Palestine?

What is so antithetical to Judaism about Israel to necessitate the opposition of Zionism by religious Jews?

Is the fictitious state of "Palestine" not antithetical to Islam enough to necessitate opposition of Palestinian nationalism by religious Muslims?

Are Jews (religious and not) really both free-thinking enough to be able to oppose such a concept as a Jewish state when Muslims are not? (the answer to this question should be "no")

Do Jews (religious and not) really possess a level of spiritual and/or intellectual maturity and honesty to be able to question fundamental notions about themselves when Muslims are not? (the answer to this question should also be "no")

When will Muslims begin to show signs that they are publically renouncing certain traditionally-held Muslim viewpoints?

If Jews are doing such things, shouldn't Muslims be?

Is hatred of Judaism (and all things Jewish) an appropriate basis by which to base Palestinian nationalism on?

The existence of a Jewish state dates back to the Torah and is therefore a part and parcel of Judaism; does a Palestinian state date back to the establishment of the religion of Islam, and is it therefore a part and parcel of Islam?

Are there any Muslims in opposition to the notion of a Palestinian state?

How will such a state help Islam?

How will such a state help the Palestinians?

How will such a state help anybody?

Where was Palestinian nationalism before the 6 Day War?

Is the abandonement of the notion of a Palestinian state a viable option for peace?

If academics and intellectuals want Israel to abandon Zionism in order to establish peace, why cannot those same people want Arabs and Muslims to abandon Palestinian nationalism for the same reason?

*** My friend Racheli suggested that some of the questions I asked in this post sounded racist, perhaps answering the question before I actually gave the reader an opportunity to ask it. Clearly this is not the intent, but the intent, however, is to ask uneasy and uncomfortable questions and to intitiate a response. That is all, you may be dimissed. Yaniv... ***


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