Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Like chocolate with syrup hair
Jumping, walking
She is fine
And finite
That's just fine
She takes up space
So I won't give her my time
Until the time, has arrived
When the orange falls from the tree
Do not date her
For she will become dated, in her mind and in yours
Once, twice, three times a body
There is nothing new -- all is old
But her soul is eternal gold
She will not want to give to one who does not want to give
So give her your life - and you will stay alive
The only way to make a woman yours is to marry her
Marrying her will keep her fresh, and keep you fresh
The preservative of life
Always grapes and never raisins
You will be raising in the sun
A Kiddush with your cup overflowing on a set, white-clothed table
If you do not marry her, her wind will lead her away
Supervised by G-d
You will see her strong side, and you will become weak
Do not date her forever, marry her forever

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