Thursday, February 02, 2006

The way the flesh was arranged on her skull caught my eye
And the way the flesh was strewn on her bones made me look
But I could not see her soul, for such beauties as the shade of her skin
And what cloth she covered it in
Fenced out the true desire of any living thing
A true connection
So perhaps I will attempt a union with her body
And eventually, if such a thing exists by then, I will marry it
And leave my soul hopelessly empty, connecting time after time after time
With the nerve endings that she possesses
They have the nerve to end
Lead me to a dead end, where I can create no life
I don't feel alive, but this is how I shall live my life?
Unless, of course, I deny my soul
Then I can become free for pleasure
Then my body's joy becomes my center
And our bodies can conjoin, multiplying our flesh
But our fleshes never become one
And when a new fleshling is born
It will have been in vain
And it can grow up with the vanity of its parents
Basking in the truth that it was conceived as a product of their desires
So much pleasure
Endless, boundless pleasure
The feeling justifies it
And the prices are higher than the rewards
Leaving you in debt
It was great while it lasted, but it didn't last
Leaving you wanting to pull the slot one more time
Ample room to gamble with your soul
Your body becomes your sky
So even if you shoot for the stars, and succeed
Where is your seed?
Your upper limit will be shattered by your head when you finish and stand up

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