Saturday, March 25, 2006

I saw that her profile showed a picture of clouds shaped in the spelling of G-d's name in Arabic, so I asked her if that's what it means that G-d has His signature written all over the world. This was her beautiful response.

Well, i never met a real Jew in my life. But Allah got a "mouthful" to say about The Jews. So I considered HIS words is the ONLY correct view on The Jews.

1. Jews are all cursed. If there is any good Jew upon Truth and Justice he is a muslim. If he/she is not yet, he/she will end up becoming one.

2. All Jews who die upon Judaism goes to Jahannam (Hell) forever. Allah never prescribed a religion called Judaism. Their deeds are useless trash before Allah.

3. Some Jews has noble qualities, ie trustworthy and character, they are to be treated and accord proper treament equal or better in relation to thier traits and characters - as with anybody elses. But in the end even such Jew is stilled cursed for being a Jew, neither valid nor has any worth with Allah. Na'uzdubi-(a)llah.

4. Regardless whatever Faith, we give people respect to practice whatever they believe as long as they do no mess in our affairs and impeach on our space and annoyance. Except idol worship, that we don't tolerate an inch.

5. Whoever follows Tawraah is a threat to the world. Coz (1) they must rebuilt the third temple and return to Zion. (2) they must enslave the world under Jewish dominance by hook or crook. subtle persuasion, or brute force. Whatever way.


7. Jews are mischiefmakers. The more they follow tawraah strictly the more destructive, vindicative etc they becomes. And Allah says they are the worst group who hates The Muslimiyn. Allah is right everybody is wrong.

8. The Zionazis are the superior Jews just as the fundamentalist are the superior Muslimiyn.

9. Jews will bring down Al-Aqsa to the ground.

10. Jews will be wiped out by 'Iysa(y)-(i)bnu Maryam A MUSLIM JEW (from the Kindgom of Judaea) and the Muslim army under his commandership. Total slaughter! Jews don't know this coz they rejected two Divine Message, na'uzdubi-(a)llah. So the fools are walking right into a Divine trap there at Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Conclusion: We can have bussiness acquintances and dealing with The Jews just like anybody else. BUT NEVER AS A FRIEND.

We do not fratenizes with the enemies of Allah's Muslimiyn except on a need to basis.

Jews are so pathetic and filthy to Allah, HE forbids them to speak of HIS Name, whereas Allah commanded us to praise HIS name as infinitely possible. The more the merrier and better. As HE likes listening to Muslimiyn praising HIS Name.

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Amishav said...

I saw your post this morning about the gal from Pakistan. How delightful. I certainly hope that this young lady will find allah merciful if she ever f@#%'s up and finds herself in a court of Sharia law.

Sorry you had to deal with this kind garbage. Nevertheless it must be good to know exactly what kind of person you are dealing with. Too many Americans think that this sort of thinking is the exception and not the rule. Oh, I'm sorry. Islam is the religion of peace. I forgot that for a moment.

Best of luck to you.


Antonio said...

i hate this kind of attitude towards other groups. i experience it all the time from fundamentalist xtians here in Texas. i've lost at least two close friends because of my becoming a ben noah, because of people's attitudes towards HaShem's Paths.

jjew said...

Whoa, tell me a bit about your becoming a Ben Noah and how people that you know feel about it, including those two that you don't have contacts with anymore. I only have met one Ben Noah here in Tucson, but I haven't seen him lately. Do Christians view the Noachide Laws as they view Judaism? Peace, Yaniv...