Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Either G-d exists or He does not.

When one is searching for an answer to a perplexing question, he can be led in the right direction in order to find the answer.

Sometimes this occurs to a person; he is led to a specific scenario in which he finds his answer. "Ha-mechin mitzadey gaver," "He (G-d) prepares the steps of man."

But what if a person uses G-d as a "tool" by which to calm his nerves when he is perplexed by a matter? He might say, "I do not know the answer now, but G-d will help me find it."

What if we were to imagine G-d as a mental structure existing in our minds to help us with this anxiety, but not a real Being (G-d forbid)?

If this were true, how could a mental structure "prepare the steps of man?"

If it were true, it would mean that the brain, somehow, has access to all information, that it knows everything.

However, if the brain knows everything, why is it that the person whom possesses the brain in his head does not know everything?

Does the brain know everything but also create a barrier to keep information away from our consciousness?

If so, then the brain is not "our brain," it is a living being with its own consciousness!

Either way, it is either the brain or G-d that has access to all information and "leaks" it to us; do we really believe that the brain is its own entity?

There is evidence for this, for the brain controls many human bodily functions without our control, permission, or authority; is this not fascinating?! Nothing a human being does is reason for the brain's behavior as such.

If we can concede that the brain controls our body (digestion, reaction, etc...), why do we vociferously reject that it can control our thoughts, or mental functions?

The brain is an outside actor planted in our head; why can we not believe that there is an outsider Actor Whom acts upon our brain?

If we reject both propositions, that the brain controls itself (and us) and that G-d leads the brain to information, then we are left with an unanswered proposal, that there is nothing.

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