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Arab/Iranian/Pakistani/Tunisian/Muslim/Christians of Peace-----------------------------

It's time that we added some new names to the lexicon of the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab conflict, because the only ingredient we are truly missing for three-dimensional conversation to occur about what's going is the Muslim/Arab voice of self-criticism; G-d knows that such a voice thunders from the Jewish and Israeli camp. Like "Salt & Pepa" said, "I give props to those who deserve it." Hopefully, with them, we'll be one step to "burning all illusion tonight," like Bob Marley said. May we show some respect to these righteous Gentiles and sons and daughters of Ishmael. Therefore, and in no particular order, I present to you these nine stunning individuals.

Nonie Darwish - An Egyptian Muslim (turned Christian) whose father died fighting Israel. An avid supporter of the change that she believes Islam needs to see in its dealing with terrorism from a first-hand perspective.

Walid Shoebat - A Palestinian from Ramallah turned Christian. As a boy he almost carried out a shooting attack on Israel but changed his mind at the last moment. Exposes the truth of what Palestinian children are taught from a young age from a first-hand perspective.

Ismail/Ishmael Khaldi - an Israeli Bedouin and his thoughts on the State of Israel.

Sheikh Abdul Palazzi - an Italian Muslim Sheikh who demonstrates that the Qur'an is not anti-Jewish at all.

Irshad Manji - Author of "The Trouble with Islam" and a public speaker about issues pertinent to Muslims and Arabs.

Reza Aslan - Public speaker and educator, author of "No G-d but G-d," intellectually honest about problems pertaining to Muslims and Arabs.

Wafa Sultan - Very outspoken Tunisian-born Arab Muslim woman about "the clash of civilizations" between Islam and "the West."

Tashbih Sayyed - Muslim Pakistani psychologist speaks about issues related to Islam.

Joseph Farah - A Christian Arab with a fresh perspective on Middle Eastern issues.

At the bottom of the page you can find audio and video tracks of a few of the aforementioned people.

It seems that for quite a long time has there been a loud anti-Israel Jewish voice lodged deep in the sinuses of the anti-Israel intelligentsia, causing great migraines to the Jewish people. Intelligentsia, if that’s what it can really be called without inciting a chuckle, has been leading the march against Israel’s morale. Now, we all know that the relief for such aches and pains is not a political solution in and of itself, but rather one tempered with that special nasal decongenstant Jews know as "Torah." But the voices coming from the aforementioned noble souls act as does a hot sauce when ingested, clearing the nasal cavity. One and all, together, let us stick our fingers into our noses and remove all malcontent blockages! Okay, okay, enough with the shnoz analogies!

Seriously now, the events since 9/11 opened up a path for Arab Muslims and Christians, not to mention Muslims of other nationalities, to speak confidently and publicly about issues of concern regarding Islam and the politics surrounding it. Some of these people are traditionalists and religious while others are liberal and secular; some are Arabs, some are Pakistani, and some are Iranian, but all see the importance of new paradigms that are able to snap into place with Islam and the Muslim people. Just like it was not good for Adam to be alone, it is not good for Jews to be alone in bringing a voice of reason; these Muslims and Arabs represent the new “arsenal,” if you so wish to call it, in bringing about healthy and intellectual changes for the Arab and Muslim people from the inside out, the only way that the ever-important and most highly-held values of the Arab and Muslim people can be kept intact (which is not something that the liberal Jewish intelligentsia is concerned with regarding Israel). Now, instead of Noam Chomsky and
Norman Finkelstein being silently prayed from the lips of the enlightened “prophets” of academia, let them as well utter the names “Darwish,” “Shoebat,” “Palazzi,” Khaldi,” “Manji,” “Sayyed,” “Aslan,” “Farah,” and “Sultan”; the “Dream Team.” May many young and concerned Muslims be allowed to follow and follow, and maybe some of the old too.

As the list grows and as I find more people, I will add them on to here with a short description of who they are and perhaps some of their writings. So like Bob Dylan said, or was it Carlie Simon (?), "You better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone, cuz the times they are-a changing."

*You can also check out these clips.

Nonie Darwish

Walid Shoebat

Reza Aslan

I have found some audio interviews with many of the aforementioned people and I will post more soon. Here are a few to hold you over.

And these interviews with the aforementioned people and more, from the Tovia Singer Show:

You can also go here to listen to interviews with Tarek Abdelhamid one and two and Walid Shoebat in parts one and two.

Professor Khaleel Muhammad being interviewed about the Qur’an’s mention of the Land of Israel and the Jews in parts one and two.

An earlier Walid Shoebat interview here in parts one and two.

Ishmael Khaldi and Nonie Darwish in parts one and two.

An older interview with Walid Shoebat in parts one and two.

The original Nonie Darwish interview in parts one and two.

A debate between Walid Shoebat and Shaykh Yassir Fazaga is found here in parts one and two.

The original interview with Walid Shoebat back on July 15th of 2003 is here in parts one and two.

An interview with Joseph Farah, a Christian Arab, is here in parts one and two.

An interview with Sheikh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi is here.

A May 28th 2002 interview with Ehud Olmert here.

An earlier interview with Sheikh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi is here in parts one, two, and three.

An earlier Joseph Farah interview is found here in parts one and two.

Shalom, Shlam, Salaam, Paz, Peace

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