Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Arabs Should Take Care of their Own Problems.............................

I was watching the news a few hours ago with my dad when the reporter summarized a statement made by Mahmoud Abbas, or Abu Mazen, the Palestinian Prime Minister. According to her, he said that Hezba-llah should do everything in its power to remove Israeli troops from Lebanon. The Shi'ite Iraqi President, Jawad al-Maliki, expressed the same sentiment on a separated occasion.

Here's my beef, and I hope it's Halal; it seems to me that both the Palestinians and the Iraqi's have a list of problems occuring within their own peoples. Palestinian society is rife with the power struggle between Hamas and Fatach, basically uncontrollable by Abbas. They have severe economic problems, Gaza is said to be one of the poorest regions in the world and have almost no infrastructure, which means no jobs, etc... The education system is almost completely infiltrated with propagandaagainst the State of Israel, which has been the case approximately since the Six Day War in 1967 (38 years), and this is a movement that will only be able to be remedied by another movement moving in the other direction. Israel is always on the defensive and offensive due to the stock of young suicide bombers that Gaza and the West Bank towns produce per capita. Not to forget, the occasional Muslim Palestinian takeover of Christian Palestinian sites. If they had less war, they could have more production.

The Iraqi's have their own set of problems; Sunni-Shi'ite struggles, anti-American troop insurgencies, and the establishment of a constitution, government, and military force that will be able to reign control in on the country. Not to mention, as with the Palestinians, a crossroads of terrorist activity from other Arab countries funding and operating within.

Yet, in spite of all this, Mahmoud Abbas and Maliki have the time and energy, and immaturity, to even have an opinion on what's going on in Lebanon. Excuse me, but Hassan Nasra-llah, the leader of Hezba-llah, is doing a fine enough job without the emotional support of Abbas and Maliki. If Abbas and Maliki truly want to be leaders to their people they should be too busy with the issues of their own people to have an opinion on what's happening in Lebanon. They should say, "Let Lebanon do what it needs to against Israel and America. We have our own problems here and we are trying our best to take care of them. Lebanon is not of our concern, our well-being is." The problem is that many Arab societies and their governments suffer the delusional illusion that their well-being is dependent on the ability and success of Arab states to fight Israel - it is an ideological association that serves only the Pan-nationalist hatred of the Arab states towards Israel but serves no direct tangible purpose for the actual subjects of those Arab countries, the citizens. Not surprisingly, their maintained focus and effort in fighting a perpetual war on the proverbial front with Israel keeps them wallowing in the muck of their problems and never proceeding. The sad truth about Arab leaders is that part of the prerquisites of a good Arab (and Iranian) leader is his hatred for Israel and how much prideful bluffing and propaganda spreading he is able to do. Nasra-llah's poker face was solid but transparent when he said that Israel did not inflict many casualties on Hezba-llah.

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