Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Majorly Pissed Off!!!!!

Yitz said:

I don't know whether this is more appropri8 here or on Jew Is Beautiful. Unfortunately your blog comment (at the bottom, date - August 14th, 2006) made me think you have fallen into the same trap that I'm designing much of my blog to get Jewish people out of. Posts on MySpace Jews called "how do you feel about radical fascist Islam" and articles online with titles like "Islam is the Problem" with Jewish authors disturb me. Why? Because this is bigotry. Next perhaps only to apikorsus, bigotry I think is the most disgusting midah any human could possibly possess. It's the zenith of ga'ava. I'll actually go further than that. Show me anywhere in Torah or Chaza"l where there is an intrinsic value to being Jewish. What is a Jew? A "child of Avraham, Yitzchak & Ya'akov", who should be "bashful, merciful, and bestowing of kindnesses." If a person does not have those 3 qualities, the halacha says to check after the person's lineage. The Mishnah says that Eretz Yisra'el gets its kedusha from the mitzvos we do there. These things aren't intrinsic. Were these things totally intrinsic we wouldn't have a Chaza"l like the above. Connection to the Torah (am t'lita'ei), connection to G-d, this is what the chashivus of the title "Jew" comes from. I'm not being "apologetic" toward any ethnic group. And, you already see that on I call Ahmadinejad the "worst president ever" and I have no qualms about calling Nasrallah a rasha. Do I have some chiyuv to diss Islam to the best of my semantic ability? And this "terrorism built into Islam" thing. You can't see the ignorance that surrounds a statement like that? I mean, what makes the sayer of a statement like that different than the "Talmud Unmasked" ppl, pe'ulah-wise? The action is the same -- taking quotes out of someone else's holy book to prove what you already think about them. That's not kedusha.

Yaniv said:

No, clearly not. Fair 'nuff. First, I don't think that we are in any particular trap at all, I actually think that we are emerging and waking up from a previous trap, across the board liberalism on the merit of our being Jews. It's no secret that rightwingism has also dealt us a bad hand and there is a certain resentment and vigilance that we need to reserve for them. I think that the phrase "Islam is the problem" needs to be used with wisdom and caution, but I think that there is a certain truth there. I'm sure you had discussions with Muslims before, the problem that causes Jews and Muslims to war with each other is buried in the fibers of the Muslim religion; their stated belief is that Islam is the replacement, both practical and existential, of Judaism, Jews, our land, our people, everything we are, from under the Heaven. They took our soldiers right?! They took JEWS right? They took them because those dogs don't even think that we have the right to our bodies; we are worthless pieces of shit in their eyes, and I hate them for it. It IS a cosmic struggle that they are waging and we need to realize that, it is the battle for our soul, and on top of that, it's also the battle for our G-d-given task to make this world better - they DON'T want us to do it. The fire that they have can be enough to draw lost Jews into the Islam because those Jews will not see it in Judaism. We need to fight that.

The Muslims are an interesting set of goyim, and most goyim mostly want us to worship G-d (even if they want us to worship Him THEIR way, i.e., Christians). Muslims, however, don't want us to do our task because they believe with all their hearts and their souls and their mights (and their hearts are FIERY!) that there "revelation" is the FINAL revelation, totally and utterly nullifying ours, giving us no place to live, again, both in the existential realm and in the physical one. I think that bigotry towards Muslims is existent and maybe even prevalent, but the hatred that I have towards that SPECIFIC ideological and theological element of Islam which I just discussed exists because we have to continue existing (not for our sake but for the sake of our job, for G-d's sake), but Muslims think that G-d burned the Torah. How many Jews are willing to lean over and spread 'em? Heck, not me, I know where this is going.

That is why we can't have our Kedosh Kedoshim, or our Bet Hamikdash or Jerusalem, or Haifa, or Tel Aviv, or Acco, Ashkelon, or Be'er Sheva, or any place in Israel (or Seattle?!). That is why they live in Jerusalem and tell us where we can and cannot go within OUR Holy City, and we have to "skootch over." That is why Mecca is incontestably Muslim and nobody else can step foot there (except Christians, but not to live and not in Mecca, but only Saudi Arabia). That's why Muslims think that Abraham went to Mecca to sacrifice Ishmael and not to Jerusalem to sacrifice Isaac, because they think that we are cheating, scamming, hell-gauranteed idolaters. Nevermind that Muhammad had to change the qiblah from Jerusalem to Mecca --- nearly after 4,000 years of that city being the world's center of monotheism PROVES beyond a reasonable doubt that Abraham took Isaac there, but the Muslims make up the worst lie ever and Muhammad corrupted the new text and changed history for the sake of creating a religion.

THAT, my friend, is Babylon! It is a status quo that I will not tolerate - I can't find it in my soul to tolerate it, and if THAT makes me a racist, for that IS the source of my anger with Muslims, then they better deal with that because I'm that makes me a racist mofo! Christianity tries to take our soul, but Islam tries to take our soul AND our body! This is not the extremists, because where are the moderates or the lefties?! Like Cypress Hill says, "Look, but don't make your eyes strain." They aren't there, man, or they exist in silent, helpless, stigmatized quantities and have to leave Islam to fix Islam and be labeled "kufirun." Muslims have the CHUTZPAH (!) to show pictures of Neturei Karta, posting them all over their hell-ridden MySpace blogs and write, "Even Jews hate Israel." Who knows how to criticize the Jewish People LIKE THE JEWISH PEOPLE?! If Islam had that gift, they really WOULD be a religion of peace.

All of the Prophets, whom Muslims steal and label "Muslims," were all Jews speaking against the corruption of Jews. Taken out of context (which is what Muslim thought does), makes them "good guys" and JEWS the bad guys.
And the converts to Islam, oh those stupid passive-aggressive white boys and those black "back to Africa Marcus Garvey-ites," who think that Islam is G-d's gift to the world, find themselves compelled to make a big picture of a Palestinian flag with a kaffiyah-ed boy their page's center of attention, as if the decrepid problems in the Arab world are overshadowed by an obsessive "destroy Israel" complex at the price of tens of thousands of Palestinian lives and conveniently ignore the corruption and inhuman barbarism that has spread all over the Arab world- yet Israel's disexitence is their central concern. WHO CARES about Palestinian blood!? I can't when MY blood is being spilled and MY soul is being snatched from me. Hillel said, "If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?" The Torah says that Ishmael became an accomplished archer, indeed he has. I wanna break his bow and snap his arrows in half.

And then you have Yosef Cohen
(AKA, Yusuf Al-Khattab, Wahabbi meshuga), the ex-Satmar Ba'al Tshuva ex-yeshiva student Jew-hater from the inside who is hell-bent on destroying Judaism because of some emotional instability issues and bad experiences he had in Ocean Parkway with some Satmars with bad hygiene. Gave up Judaism just like that after discussing Islam with a Muslim over the Internet for two years, his Jewish Moroccan wife converted with him and their three children. I've had a few short discussions with him through e-mail, which he discontinued; suffice it to say that he does not like me.

The Torah says to be compassionate, agreed in absolution, but it also does not say to be pacifists taken over by our enemies. We can defend ourselves AND maintain our compassion, but that is not the deal with our enemies, and yes, they are our enemies. People say, "Oh, that's not REAL Islam." If they are right, then Islam has died and gone away, there are no real Muslims anywhere in the world. Note, we KNOW that there is room for them, but they are constantly saying "This world aint big enough for the two of us." We have the Noachide Laws for them, we believe there is room for Muslims to exist, but they believe that the harmony of our Torah is a product of our "shaky relativist idolatrous" values and our corruption. They make a mockery of absolute truth and of G-d. ME defending THEM?! You GOT to be out your mind, we have our OWN to worry about. That is Jewish! I love G-d and I love my people, and if those folks would let us love them, BE SURE that we would. Until then, I have nothing but a large glass of resentment for them. The day I stop loving what we are, I will defend those people.

By the way, Ahmedinajad is much worse than the worse president ever. I saw an INTERVIEW with him the other night, with Mike Wallace. Ahmedinajad is Hitler, and I kid you not; he has all the characteristic profiles of an egomaniacal, narcassistic, nutjob who wants to replace the world with a Muslim government. Esav, then Ishmael, then Mashiach, in my opinion at least. Or is Ahmedinajad some form of Persia? I don't know, some Haman maybe? We can't know these things.

Parts one, two, and three of the Wallace-Ahmadinejad interview are found here. Get the popcorn.

Peace, Yaniv...

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