Monday, August 07, 2006

Today is my sister's 21st birthday and she's getting married in two weeks. I'll post some pictures of the wedding after we get 'em. Peace, Yaniv...

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"Art. 48 Règle fondamentale
En vue d’assurer le respect et la protection de la population civile et des biens de caractère civil, les Parties au conflit doivent en tout temps faire la distinction entre la population civile et les combattants ainsi qu’entre les biens de caractère civil et les objectifs militaires et, par conséquent, ne diriger leurs opérations que contre des objectifs militaires.
Art. 49/3 Les dispositions de la présente Section s’appliquent à toute opération terrestre, aérienne ou navale pouvant affecter, sur terre, la population civile, les personnes civiles et les biens de caractère civil."

"Article 48.-Basic rule
In order to ensure respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects, the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives.

Article 49/3. The provisions of this Section apply to any land, air or sea warfare which may affect the civilian population, individual civilians or civilian objects on land. They further apply to all attacks from the sea or from the air against objectives on land but do not otherwise affect the rules of international law applicable in armed conflict at sea or in the air."

[Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts adopted on 8 June 1977]