Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Under One G-d

The relationship one has with G-d is represented by the relationship he has with his parents. His father represents the powerful and protective nature of G-d, and his mother represents His nurturing and providing side. In reality, to be whole, both the human father and mother need to have both of these elements. The reality, however, is that usually the father has more of one and the mother has more of the other, so it is necessary that they make a pair or unit with each other so that both elements are present in sufficient and moderate quantities. It is also part of G-d's Design that a human can be born only as a result of that union - something which homosexualty cannot yield. Further, the mother and the father learn from each other and therefore the father learns to be nurturing and the mother learns to be aggressive and the child eventually learns to see his parents as a singular unit, even though they are two different people. This unit is exactly what the Torah in Genesis calls for. It is through this unit that the child learns about G-d for G-d is One and even though you need a human mother and father (two people) to provide both of these elements of G-d, both (and all) of these elements are present in G-d in one indivisible form. Therefore, the separation of G-d or the view that G-d has separate forms each containing an element of His Being is to divide G-d into elements that are already Present within Him as indivisible components. In other words, it amounts to polytheism and the proof is that each element is eventually transformed into an entirely separate being (something the Talmud talks about). Take Jesus for example, he represents one element of G-d, the side ready to give of Himself for the sake of humanity. However, Jesus is the representation of the humanization of G-d and therefore a reduction, and therefore polytheism, because G-d constantly gives of Himself without dying and without taking away from Himself in any way and this is true because He is Infinite. Jesus is finite and cannot be a part of G-d. Further, how can you break the Infinite into parts without creating a series of infinite beings, each one of them being a god on their own? Any religion that humanizes G-d will eventually dehumanize humans, and since the human form of the Christian god is Jewish, Christianity has expliclity dehumanized (and killed) Jewish humans and continues to dehumanize the whole of humanity, although under the veil of unconditional love, or agape. The separation of G-d in order to make Jesus is essentially the same as saying "two gods," for the One G-d exists in total Unity and without any parts and since polytheism rejects/resists unity we see how war is the ape-like and inhuman/inhumane product of this lack of unity. Polytheism is war, monotheism is peace.


kudo said...

Polytheism is war, monotheism is peace. I agree with what you say. I can tell you are very wise.

jjew said...

Thanks. Just an observation though. :)
Peace, thanks for reading. said...

Like I have shown you before; the Bible shows God coming to earth in the form of a man and being worshiped. Daniel 7:13 So you can disagree that Yahshua is that man but how can you disagree that G-d can be in human form? The New Testament says that God filled Jesus' body like a hand fills a glove. That because death could not hold him that he is eternal and the Father and son are one. The Trinity still confuses Christians, I don't think anyone but G-d could have come up with that.

jjew said...

First of all, I attribute the Christian Bible, which is what I call the New Testament, to be entirely the work of Man and not from the Mind of G-d. It doesn't help to tell me what the New Testament says since I don't believe that it is a new testament at all; anything it says about G-d is not of my concern.

Second, yes, people could have most definitley come up with polytheism, because THEY DID until G-d told Abraham that only He was real. The force that leads Christians to think that the Trinity is holy is the same force that led people to worship several gods, mind you, at the SAME TIME as worshipping "the G-d of Israel." Do you think that G-D told them to worship any of their several deities? Do you think that G-D told them to worship both Him and a score of others? Remember, He states again and again that He is a jealous G-d. The Trinity is proof that Christians don't understand what it means when G-d says that He is One; it means both in quantity and in quality.

Mind you, Daniel is the only place in the entire Tanakh where it makes an allegory to G-d being as a figure of a man. However, I believe that Daniel 7:13 says "I saw one walking like the son of Man." "Son of Man" means "human being" in Hebrew and is used in other places to refer to human beings, but fine, let's look at it on your terms. He saw one walking whom appeared like a human being, and you want me to say that it was G-d. I would more readily agree to say that Daniel 7:13 refers to Jesus (calling him Yashua will not convince me) than to say that G-d makes Himself in the form of a man.

Let me ask you a question, or perhaps give you a parable, since the Christian tradition is fond of them. When you pray, to whom do you pray? You pray to G-d I assume, but you also pray to Jesus. The very fact that your prayers go both to G-d AND to Jesus means that your prayers go to TWO different locations. In other words, you have a relationship with G-d AND with Jesus, i.e., with TWO BEINGS! Now, you try to smoothen that out by saying that they are one and the same, so I say, if they are one and the same, only pray to ONE of them!

How can I disagree that G-d was in human form? Very easy, a physical tangible G-d is the hallmark of idolatry, read the 2nd commandment! G-d says that His whole nature by essence is that which cannot be understood or even symbolized by anything that exists in the physical world and that humanity must understand G-d for what He really is, ENTIRELY INCORPOREAL! He specifically says in commandment number 2 not to worship anything that He has created, yet humanity is His PRIZE CREATION and Christians worship a human as G-d, not to mention, a human from the group of humans to which G-d gave that commandment not to worship humans.

The Trinity still confuses Christians and has a score of varying explanations because it is idolatry and their desire to worship the One G-d struggles with it.