Friday, September 22, 2006

Tonight, the last day of 5766
I cried for Jerusalem and cried for our sin
G-d, the DJ, stands over Jerusalem like a sound table
He spins the Temple like a record
The Holy of Holies its hub
Music and songs emanate out to the streets
To the dancing people
To the world
This record spins forever
His fingerprints pressed into its fibers
Dust the scene
I want to stand in them
He never removes the record
Never changes the song
He never places upon it a shimmering golden record
One which calls out foreign songs five times daily

I would like to scratch it
Like a pimple
On the face of the earth
A blemish safegaurds all the blemishes
A mesquito landed on the earth's skin
Stuck its sword in
Drew blood
And the mesquito bite has risen
The mosque-ito bite has risen
It has no yeast
But it is an infection
Who will the king
To pull out this thing?
Waxed with the blood of Jews
The golden dome is shimmering
Our King will shock
Grab the sword from the rock
Shines like a vomitous poison
Glimmers like a Hollywood attraction
Sparkling like an actor's face
Beautiful to the eye's vanity
Ugly to my soul

Shining like the cherub's sword
Like the sword, it will be used to behead
Like the sword, it will be shed
Like the sword, do you?
It attempts to reflect the sun's light
To stand next to G-d in partnership
Its mission is
To steal my submission
It's light is a moon to the sun of the city
It is night and the city is day
The dense rocks of the wall
Outshine its gold plates
The rocks are bright to my eyes and my eyes
Return the favor
They have lit up my life
The dome darkens them drearily
Glancing at our city
The dome draws my dark eyes first
It is a tear in every Jew’s eye
An arrow in every Jew’s heart
Puts a chip in every Jew’s tooth
And puts a prayer in every Jew’s mouth
The dome
Towering into the air
Like an evil cherub with its sword
Blockin my entrance into the Garden
It is the Philistine Goliath
Over the Israelite David
The rocks of the Wall
Will be the rocks of the sling
My weapons will be
The words that I sing
Then I will cup
The Wall's rocky bulges
Away will he be
The one who indulges
When the shofar is blown
And the people are gathered
He will fall like Jericho's wall
His strength will be shattered
King David said,
"What will be done for the man who slays this Philistine
and removes disgrace from Israel?
For who is this uncircumcised Philistine,
that he disgraces the battalions of
the Living G-d?"
It wears a golden kippah
Yet has no awe of G-d

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