Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hashem, Dear G-d
Holy One in His Place
Great Listener
Compassionate Watcher
Gifted Giver
Special Taker
Exile me from exile, imprison me in Redemption
Banish me from banishment, trap me in Salvation
Lock me there and throw away the key into the sea of nothingness
Life imprisonment in Your revelation with no chance of parole
Wall me in Your walls
Let words and teachings of Torah soak into my heart
Like fat drops of cool rain into the parched ground
Let the ground lick its lips with the holy dew honey
Let the congestion be freed, like mint in lungs decomposes the obstructions
Let expressions of Your Truth sprout like buds from my heart
Like orange trees from grassy soil in groves
Rows and rows in groves
Let the tractors of holiness drive through them
Churning the soil freeing it to the Heavens
Let Oxygen enter and reach every nook and cranny of my heart
Let it seep into my soul
Becoming my soul

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