Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Noachides Spreading the Word (of G-d) -

Isaiah's Suffering Servant



Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for connecting this link up. The topic of which I wrote the article about was because, when I was a Christian, this was the one specific area that the Church used to indoctrinate me with the idea that JC was prophesized about in the Tanach.

When researching what the understanding was from the point of view of Israel, I found that there was not a lot I could find on the Net.

Then, posting in, Rabbi Ben Chaim introduced me to one of his articles on the subject. It validated my own understanding after studying the context of the text in the KJV bible that I have at home.

I hope that people will seek Truth and I hope HaShem will allow me a good amount of time for learning and understanding. I want to leave a good foundation for my children to follow and I hope many others as well.

There's only One G'd and the Moshiac hasn't showed up, YET. Once people get this through their heads, they'll be alot happier and more willing to grow.


The Peaceful Warrior- author

jjew said...

And I thank you, my friend, keep it real. I'm going to keep reading the stuff that you've written, do you have any other essays? Yaniv...

Anonymous said...


I'm actually working on an essay on the Seven Laws and B'H I will be able to finish it soon. It's on the basis of their benefits. It's an introduction to them from my own perspective based on my studies of the Torah (written/oral) with my Teacher; whom I am grateful for having. Not only that, but I also have a few other great friends who have been teaching me along the way as well and I'm also greatful to them.

I just wrote one on the how we, as students in the discipline of life, have to get back to basics in order to gain a higher understanding. Of course, it's in reference to the Torah and it's true understanding. Many times the knowledge of G'd and His ways, is taken for granted and totally ignored. My hopes are that this will change in due time. I've never seen life more clearly than I do know. G'd Created with a purpose and we are part of that purpose. Just as nothing in the Torah is by coincidence, we are not by coincidence.

The Peaceful Warrior