Monday, July 30, 2007


haKiruv said...

Nice. I like the shirt! Did you get it in the states?

jjew said...

Haha, thanks. Not sure, either in the States, or here, or it's actually a friend's shirt that I forgot to give back to him. That picture was taken in Tzfat when I was there a few weeks ago, and the only reason I put it up was to try to make it my new profile picture, which I ended up not figuring out. Anyway, peace, Yaniv...

Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

Yaniv, that's really a great picture of you. You need to copy it to the same host where your current profile picture is.

Then, go to Edit User Profile, and under Photograph, Photo URL has a field. That's where you paste the location of your profile image.

To give it a try, I have set up your Tzfat photo here:

Just copy and paste this URL into the field, and your picture will pop in. Then, either you can leave it as is, or, if you prefer not to use this location, upload your photo to a server of your choice, and do the same thing. Voilà! This great photo can be your profile picture!

You have some very good writing in your blog! Keep up the good work!


Gloria said...


Don't know that you'd remember me or even see this, since you haven't posted in a long time. Found this through the guy that introduced us.

My name's Gloria. We chatted online, met on West Campus (pima) and were mutually familiar with Professor Yetman.

Sukkot passed and I remembered having gone to your synagogue here in Tucson for it once. Made me wonder how you've been.

If this ever gets to you, shoot me a line sometime.

Hope all is well.