Friday, October 28, 2005

G-d's Little Quirks

I was driving down to the UofA, a little down, randomly tuned my radio to 92.1, which came in with a bit of static, and a familiar song was just beginning; Matisyahu's "King Without a Crown," and in the words of Danny Brandis, he was "Yiggy yiggy yo'ing" all over the stage. This lifted my spirits.

When I got to the UofA parking lot, I was looking for a place to park, but the place was pretty full. Finally, quite far from where I normally park, I saw a girl walking and I asked her if she was leaving, and she said "Yes" as she got into her car. However, the person behind me, who was perfectly lined up with her car, was going to take her spot when she left. Seeing no point in getting a confusing attempt at telepathy with the driver behind me, I avoided this and drove forward and around to the right to find another spot, not looking back at all.

Just then, I thought I saw a person get into a car, although I wasn't completely sure. Just then, I heard a car start, looked to my left, and I was perfectly lined up with a car that was backing out. I backed up a bit to give him space, he pulled out, I parked, and now I'm here writing this blog.

What other proof do we need of the existence of G-d?

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