Saturday, October 29, 2005

Why do they Expect us to be Sensitive? --

No fanfare here, I just wanna jot down some thoughts. After 9/11, and perhaps before, the American Jewish population revealed itself as having both leftist and rightist components -- I personally leaned a tad to the right, which is I want to comment on.

OK... I'm going to my best to expose a mental fallacy on the part of society, American in this case, since I live in America. The latest talk in the last few years is that the Bush Administration has waged a war against Muslims, and some people have gone so far as to say that it's "Nazi styled" in the way that Hitler went after Jews. Personally, I think that these people are as guilty of banging the war drum as they say George Bush Jr. is, except that their beat sucks.

Here's my (kosher and halal) beef with this whole thing; some people, it seemed, expected all Jews to herd over to the left side of the political spectrum, maybe because Jews are traditionally liberal or something like that, or because we were the prime target in the Holocaust. Most ironically, those people only confirmed that just in time to pose the question as to why Jews were not speaking out against this more loudly, not to mention, religious Jews. It didn't happen, many left-leaning Jews left streaks of fire over to the right side, and many Jewish former liberal super-heroes, such as David Horowitz, saw the forest through the trees, and when they saw that liberals were burning them down, their "compatriots," they ditched that party.

The Jews that became right-leaning did so for many reasons, but my particular reason was because, "Hey, where all the liberals when Muslims, particularly Palestinian homicide bombers, were bombing the B'Isa out of civilian Israeli's as a part of their murderous and imperialistic designs on the land of Israel?" The chicken soup had been bubbling for some years now, with liberal voices, being led by the more extremists of the spectrum, producing more poison than was imaginable (at the time) from a supposedly sensitive and compassionate world view. Israel, per Arafat's propaganda, became the Devil in disguise, and the Palestinians became Jews.

Then 9/11 happened and many opinions became crystallized, while many others fell into confusion. The liberal anti-Israelism/anti-Semitism of the past few years, having metastasized, now being met with 9/11 and the opinions, fact-finding, and revelations that occured afterwards, caused many a Jew to explore their conservative roots. It's not that Jews hate Muslims, in fact, the amount of liberal Jews who spoke out (and speak out) for Muslims rights in America probably hasn't dwindled much since 9/11; it's just that Israel-loving Jews, having become fed up with Palestinian behavior towards Israel and the general Muslim and Arab silence (sometimes outspoken support) towards it were in agreement with many of Bush's policies.

But many Jews felt betrayed by liberalism, and liberals felt betrayed that those Jews were defending Israel. Liberals didn't raise a finger when innocent Israeli Jews were being murdered by Palestinians, but they screamed bloody murder when we attacked Iraq and when the Bush Administration instituted racial profiling for Arabs in the United States. They condemned Israel to an anarchist-atheist version of Dante's seventh ring of Hell for setting up road-blocks to keep two-legged post-adolescent Palestinian bombs from walking into Israel Proper, but they also condemned America for a similar fate for doing something much more moderate - racial profiling. This was the straw that broke the wowsers out of the camel's back; if racial profiling was a cardinal sin, then holy garbanzo beans, conservative (in the political sense) Jews had better start accepting N.C., Noam Chomsky, as their personal savior!

The real question is, "Why should Jews have been sensitive," that is, towards "what the Bush Administration was doing?"

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