Saturday, February 11, 2006

Better to feel love and pain
Than to be free from pain and feel nothing
G-d in Heaven, may I never become comfortably numb
G0 ahead, break a little piece of heart when I do wrong
So that I may not do it
And may I feel empty when it's true
So that I may seek fulfillment
"Love hurts" is the ethos of the day
But love doesn't hurt; rather the absence
Gnashing at your soul, bruising and marking it
Leaving it raw and untouchable, like a skinned knee, but not skin deep
Fulfillment lies ahead, beautiful, rich, holy fulfillment
I await you like long-missed cousins
I fell and I was broken
But I still feel, so I may be rebuilt
Like the Temple of those beautiful Jerusalem bricks
They hold my hands in their grooves perfectly, like gloves
May my fingerprints be the notes I place within the cracks
May the waqf dust them and know that we were there
May we all be found guilty - horribly guilty, and sentenced to freedom
G-d will read them, more unique than anything these fingers of mine can write
More genuine too, identified right away in this Wall of chashmal (electricity)
G-d always knows where I am in this world, but He rejoices when we touch His Wall in joy
Identifies me and locates me in this matrix, in Zion, and Babylon will fall
When Babylon cries like a baby and falls, Zion will be rebuilt, like a lion
And its roar will be Torah
Our enemies despise it and desire it to the same exact proportion
Do not be confused but know this, there is no margin of error in their anger
The hate of their tongues is eloquent and right to the point, never lying
Know them by what they destroy

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