Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Hebrew in Every Jew

If you're in Hebrew class, it's because there's Hebrew in you
G-d looked into the Torah and made the world, it was His blueprint
And your DNA is not A, C, G, and T
But Aleph, Bet, Gimmel, and Dalet, which I can't type on this Roman keyboard
Generations past, a backwards revelation
We are in understanding of our belonging to one nation
Under G-d
With obligations and justice for all
Past the countries and societies we were born in
We realize our equality before the Law
As we stood there together when He gave it
And even the angels of G-d are not white
Yes, we realize the essential Hebrew in all of us
Sons and daughters of he who broke the chain and the yoke
Spoke, said, "Only One."
Today we speak myriad languages, but it's time to realize the content of our words
And may the revelation explode like the thunder that we saw and the lightning that we heard
May all Jews be shaken off their foundation
Fly to the air, and take their seats with their nation

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