Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First Wedding Catering -

I just came back from catering my first wedding. This morning my friend and chavruta (person I study Gemara with) asked me if I wanted to cater a wedding tonight here in Jerusalem. We would get paid 100 shekel (20 bucks) and be able to take food with us, and both were ingredients in my choosing "yes." We worked from 7PM to 12AM catering the wedding and at the end of the night we took a hefty chunk of food with us and three bottles of drinks. We got paid 150 shekel each instead of 100, which comes to 30 shekel (6 bucks) an hour; not bad and definitely good by Israeli standards, which has a lower minimum wage than does America (about 15-20 shekel, which is 3-4 dollars an hour). I also have a job on Friday (thank G-d) cleaning the house of a rabbi and his before Shabbat, and I get 35 shekel (7 dollars an hour), which is definitely good, and I work for a few hours. Last week I worked 4 hours, which is 120 shekel (or 24 dollars). All of these things are blessings and soon I'm going to check into seeing how to get into the writing world (newspapers, etc...) through an alum from my yeshiva who has a few published works. G-d is good and He's really helping me out, baruch Shemo!

Just thought I'd share that, as it says, "You are known, Hashem, to all Your creations, and of Your kind deeds I will speak."

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