Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Skin Suit! -

Skin suit, how ugly you are when you your hub is material
Everything you do then is immaterial
Live high, skin suit, and heightened you will be
Live free, skin suit, and freed you will be
But stick your face in the ground, skin suit
Back to your ashes will you flee
Live low, skin suit, and lowered will you be
Six feet, skin suit, waits for you and me

Skin suit, where do you hide your beauty?
Muscle blanket, what life pulsates inside you?
Why visit graves, oh wise skin suit, when the only skin there is above ground?
Look in the mirror, skin suit, where are you in there?
Your reputation cannot really be your representation
Like you breathe in air, your soul is there
Like you exhale words, only there are they heard
As long as you can walk, flesh thing, walk in the ways of G-d
Flirtation and flattering are worth like flatulation
Flat-like-the-world-folks fall off the edge fast
Flat pancakes flap and fall down back into pans
Simmering in grease their potential does cease?
Pores blocked no air release
Bigger please!
Let your only limitation be imitation
Acoustic wine
Dine on white curtains and say "He's mine"
Then, dirt body, your skin will shine
Turn yourself just right like the jewel that you are
Catch the light just right and reflect it into the night
Make sparks off your skin and let yourself make eyes' sight bright
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