Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The International Solidarity Movement - ISM -

A Jew named Adam Shapiro began the International Solidarity Movement, a Jew who is a self-proclaimed atheist and Communist. The ISM is a group that disrespects Israel’s national sovereignty that carries out raid-type missions that compromise Israeli security by putting themselves in the middle of Israeli forces and terrorist operatives. They also risk their own lives and one of them died, Rachel Corrie, when she stood in front of a tractor that ran her over. Her parents went to Israel to show solidarity and they got kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists.

Many countries would have a conniption fit had the ISM set foot in their land, but Israel sits back and allows this kind of thing. The ISM is composed of mentally impoverished and emotionally instable immoral punk rockers that don’t know the first thing about Middle Eastern, Jewish, or Muslim history.

The actions of those Jewish extremists mentioned cannot be seen in a vacuum of the types of assaults, both internal and external, that Israel’s enemies enact on it. It’s enough to have those kinds of enemies with which to contend, but now an idiotic third party of manic depressive college students who divide all of the world’s conflicts into race and class lines but yet still get into college because they checked off the “White” box on their FAFSA forms?! Haha.

I had the luxury of meeting a Mexican guy who wore a keffiyah around his neck at my university. He wildly recalled with a glare in his eyes that he encouraged a young Palestinian boy to throw Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers. When I told him that throwing Molotov cocktails at people sets them on fire and it is very hard to put out, he said that he was actually anti-violence.

If the Palestinians knew that the ISM loathes G-d perhaps they would rethink their support.

My bowels make better movements than them. Solidarity, perhaps with evil.

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